Start your engines…judge away

Got up early this morning after lousy night of sleep in an unfamiliar hotel bed with strange sound of bells from the streetcars below in Denver.  Have to make breakfast before the rush at 7 am on or else it takes too long.  I am now getting ready for the judge sessions to begin and am taking the time to do this and catch up on e-mail.  Times have changed and security leaks to the judging system are a concern here so we are asked not to use our cell phones or iPhones or whatever technology we have to communicate so there are no speculations of impropriety and later claims of unfairness, advantage or what have you.

This morning I am judging American style Pale Ale and Baltic style Porter and looking forward to it.  On the one hand I never enter either of these styles because 1) APA is a style that there are so many entries it would be just too incredible of a feat and 2) I just have never brewed a BP and am very interested to learn more about it now that I have to.  Maybe BP will be a style to enter next year now.

More to come, Cheers, Bill

~ by billmadden on September 15, 2010.

One Response to “Start your engines…judge away”

  1. Thanks for the updates. I envy your “work day”. Drinking and grading beers ( esp. the APA style ) while I grade high school math tests! Question about how the technology can help someone “cheat”. If you get a chance, could you explain that in a later posting.

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