Almost there.

I haven’t been posting in some time, just too freakin busy and really distracted by so much that needs to get done.  We hired the General Manager, Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef last week.  We got our SBA loan in place two weeks before that and all is coming together very fast.  The brewery was supposed to be operational this past friday and the installers are working tomorrow, Memorial Day to get it done sooner.  I had our brewery inspected by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control last Saturday and got our Tax and Trade Bureau (the former ATF) license the week before last.  Lot of filling out paperwork and documentation to go into all of that, both agencies are overworked and understaffed and take some gentle prodding to get them to move along.  Our VABC agent has been a pleasure to work with though and I have a lot to be thankful for in the reasonableness of the process with him.

Luckily, this Memorial Day weekend has given me some extra time to sort some things out.  I have been organizing my files and pulling out old brewing recipes to get ready to brew again.  I miss brewing greatly but I am almost there…

More to come, Cheers,  Bill

~ by billmadden on May 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Almost there.”

  1. Can’t wait! Will the Pub exclusively sell your brews or will you have others on tap as well? Who’s the chef?

  2. This is all good news. We’ve been anxiously awaiting Mad Fox for months. Can’t wait for it to open.

  3. Bill, I was thinking of going on a fishing trip to Canada and was wondering if you knew what the legal amount per person a guy could take/declare with him.
    thanks so much

  4. That’s great news Bill! I’m counting down the days till you guys open. You’re within walking distance, I’m expecting to be a regular.

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