The rest of the Brewery Arrives this WEEK!

It’s like having a Birthday this week because the rest of the brewery arrives.  The six 30 BBL (930 gallon) fermenters and seven 15 BBL (465 gallon) serving or brite vessels will be delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Trucks will be coming in one at a time both days at 8am and noon to coordinate the removal of each vessel to be removed from its container.  The tanks started their journey  on a slow boat  from China (literally) which started in March and ended last week in Norfolk.  They were released from Customs and then we had to wire  the shipper payment to deliver them.

I cannot wait to have the whole kit and caboodle assembled.

More to come.  Cheers, Bill

~ by billmadden on April 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “The rest of the Brewery Arrives this WEEK!”

  1. Well “Happy Birthday!” then. 🙂
    I saw one of them getting prepped for unloading this morning and they are HUGE!
    Had to stop and take a picture of it in relation to the tractor-trailer that brought it.
    Looking forward to opening day (and later the grand opening too of course).

  2. Bill,

    An update please.

    I must say I am a bit perplexed as to why brewing equipment needed to be manufactured in China and shipped to the USA. Surely we have the domestic capability to fabricate stainless steel vessels here, and the lost manufacturing jobs in the USA will be hard to replace.

    • Most of the manufacturers of brewing equipment are out of the USA and there are only so many manufacturers of “small” brewery equipment like ours. There are also few manufacturers that I would consider that make quality equipment, having worked on seven different brewing systems in my career and having visited and toured many breweries. We had four quotes from manufacturers in the USA, Canada and Germany. Price and quality were the key issues to make our decision. The German made system was the most expensive, but possibly could have been the best engineered. The Canadian sytem was the second most expensive and probably the least attractive since I had worked on one of their systems at Founders and had a hard time getting parts.

      This had me down to two American brewing system manufacturers. One was more expensive by almost one third and did not have a keg cleaning system included, all of their equipment was 100% American made. I like that it was 100% American made, but for a business decision with investor money on the line I had to go look at the other. Premier Stainless Systems offered the best quality with the best price and how they do that is by having their vessels manufactured in China. The brewhouse was fabricated in California where they are based, as was the keg cleaner.

      I would have preferred to go for a 100% American made new system, but could not afford to do this as our original budget was for a used system. The favorable pricing from Premier Stainless allowed us to purchase a new system. These are the only two manufacturers in the USA that make small systems of good quality at an affordable price range, one of which is Premier Stainless. We went with Premier Stainless Systems and so far the equipment looks great, but I will tell you more once we start actually brewing. Cheers, Bill

  3. Bill,

    Late May is here yet no update on an opening date.


    • The brewery is almost operational and should be ready to be fired up next week, although it was supposed to be ready this past Friday. I have the chemicals for passivating the tanks and brewhouse in and will be placing a malt and hop order on tuesday. My favorite English yeast strain is on order and I have access to my Kolsch strain from another local brewer. Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control inspected the site last weekend and all paperwork is in. We should be legal this week.

      The General Contractor is scheduled to be done on the 25 th of June then two weeks of training staff and we should open the second week of July.

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