PIZZA OVEN Arriving Tomorrow!!!!!

Well then, maybe the title has caught your interest.  Just wanted to let everyone know that the reason for the big plywood hole in front of Mad Fox Brewing Company’s building on West Broad Street in Falls Church is due to the fact that the freaking Woodstone Pizza Oven, all 4500 pounds of it, is being delivered tomorrow.  Holy PooP, that’s a lot of weight that we will be moving into the place and, Lord knows, we had to have the Structural Engineers go over the place with a fine tooth comb to make sure the darn thing did not go crashing through the floor to all the levels of parking below us.

Well if you would like to see the spectacle of moving the behemoth Pizza Oven in it should be arriving at around 9am on Saturday, March 20th, 2010.  Address (if you do not already know) is 444 West Broad Street, Falls Church, Virginia.

Come one, come all!

More to come, cheers, Bill


~ by billmadden on March 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “PIZZA OVEN Arriving Tomorrow!!!!!”

  1. I’m disappointed I didn’t see this until 3:39 Saturday! I would’ve loved to see that monster take its place at Mad Fox. I’m very excited to see that you’ll have a true pizza oven, too. I had no idea! Is it stone? Is it heated with gas or wood? What’s the cooking temp? Inquiring minds (whose attached bodies love good pizza) want to know!!

    • Sandy, we have the Wood Stone model WS-MS-6-RFG-IR, There are manuals on the Wood Stone web site at under cooking and operation (geek out!!). The pizza oven bricks and floor are made from thick cast ceramic that acts as a heat sink to keep the temperature of the floor and dome stable. The oven is heated by gas – we have a 7 stories above us and the cost of a flue for a wood burning oven would have been problematic and cleaning it would have been even more expensive. If there were offices above us we could exhaust out of a vent punched through the top of a window, but we have to have all of our exhaust go to the roof for the comfort of our condo neighbors (code and common sense). The highest set point for the oven floor is 700 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is a separate control for the internal burner that allows us to cook as high as we wish; we are going to do a lot of testing (lunch!) to come up with the best temperature combinations based on our dough, the number of pies and toppings to get the best temperature. Based on other experiments the answer is likely going to be between 750 and 800 degrees for the floor and 1100 degrees for the top of the dome. Cheers!

  2. I live in the neighborhood and saw that (the boarded up windows) the other week and thought to myself “oh crap?! what happened???!”
    Glad to see you’re getting stuff in and going.
    I am very excited to have you guys in my neighborhood.

    • All is well, and we are building the wall around that enormous pizza oven. The next excitement will be when the brewhouse arrives – we’ll need to take down doors but not the entire frame for that. The pizza oven had the single largest dimension of any of our equipment. Cheers!

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