Stealth Opening

I suddenly realized that my last update has been over a month and I am not sure how it came to pass…well, really, construction is kicking my ass.  (No more rhyming and I mean it….)

We’ve had some challenges in a few crucial areas that have resulted in pushing out delivery of key equipment. It’s a sensitive issue – we were let down by key suppliers and they may have been let down by their business partners. Fortunately, we are working with a General Contractor, Uniwest Construction, who has provided us with a day-to-day onsite Superintendent who has taken command of the situation and has managed to find ways to work our schedule around the set backs, so we are a bit behind our schedule due mostly to the Blizzard of 2010.

Now touching upon the challenges of construction schedule begs the question I get all the time, “So, when is Mad Fox Brewing Company going to be open?” or “When is your Grand Opening?’.  Well there are two answers here.  The answer to the first question is still open but I would say from my discussions with the General Contractor that we could possibly be open as early as the last week of May, but more realistically we would be open in June sometime; this is all dependent on getting our Certificate of Occupancy in a timely manner. The answer to the second question is that I have no idea when our Grand Opening will be – we do not plan on having a splashy Grand Opening on our first day, it will be a soft opening so we can work out the kinks of a shiny brand new restaurant and staff. Our Grand Opening will likely be a month after our soft opening. What this means is that the day we open will be announced here for a quiet, soft, word of mouth (or web) opening which also means you should check this site out periodically for the announcement.  I will promise not to be so lax in putting more posts up.

More to come, I promise, Cheers, Bill


~ by billmadden on March 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Stealth Opening”

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  2. The wife and I were driving past your site this weekend and we both said we can’t wait for this place to open. Congrats on the progress and I can’t wait for the upcoming summer nights where Mad Fox is just a short drive away.

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