We Gotta Permit!!!

I spent a good deal of time in the Falls Church City offices yesterday to straighten out a few things.  The folks at the City offices were very helpful in getting our permit in order but there was a problem with our contractor and their license expiring that needed  taking care of.  So today,  CONSTRUCTION STARTS on Mad Fox Brewing Company!!!

Mad Fox - Spectrum Construction Elevator Sign

Mad Fox - Spectrum Construction Elevator Sign

First bit of work will be to strengthen our flooring due to the increased weight of the brewery and serving tanks we need to reinforce the concrete since we have a massive parking space below us.  This requires some cutting into the concrete floor between two columns and setting a structural beam into the floor system.  Then pouring concrete back in to cover it all back up to its earlier look.  This work will be done by next week and then interior walls will then be in place and the brewpub will take form.  I cannot wait till the brewery comes.

Mad Fox - Restoration East Garage Shoring

Mad Fox - Restoration East Garage Shoring - Underneath the Brewery

More to come, Cheers, Bill


~ by billmadden on January 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “We Gotta Permit!!!”

  1. Very exciting (for you…and for me!) I hope all goes as smoothly as possible. I’m looking forward to my first of many pints at MFBC.

  2. […] Link: Maddbrewer’s Blog […]

  3. Congratulations Bill. We look forward to following the construction, and more importantly, the grand opening.

  4. Great to hear. Looking forward to the grand opening.

  5. Congratulations!! We are very much looking forward to your Pub opening (we live at the Spectrum).
    Thanks for the photos. I was tempted to wander down and see what was taking place, since we didn’t see anything in the Pub area itself.

  6. Just joining in on the excitement… been watching and waiting with anticipation! Cheers!!

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