Re: We have submitted!

Just this past Monday I took our Architect, Lee McAllister, down to Falls Church City Hall to submit our drawings for permits.  We are getting closer to starting construction!  This process of review by the Director of Building Safety, Doug Fraser, should be smooth since we have had a number of meetings with him to allow him to understand what we are trying to accomplish with Mad Fox Brewing Company coming to Falls Church.  Fortunately for us there has been some precedence with other brewpubs having been opened in the surrounding area like Arlington with Cap City and Rockbottom etc.  Still it is a learning process for the City of Falls Church and it is our job to educate and help them to understand the brewery that will be a part of our restaurant.  The review should be no more than 4 weeks and during that period we will be answering questions and refining the architectural drawings to meet code.  At the same time we will be meeting with the architect to do more refinement on the interior design like color and fabric choices etc. which are features that do not need to be a part of the City’s review.  I look forward to “seeing”  more and more what the final product will be.

More to come, Cheers,  Bill


~ by billmadden on November 28, 2009.

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