Architects and Engineers

We secured our architect many weeks ago, Lee McAllister of McAllister Architects, P.C. located in Alexandria, Virginia.  We had interviewed about six different firms from large to small, high end to bare bones and all of them having restaurant experience on many levels.  We chose Lees firm for their experience having worked with local restaurant groups like The Neighborhood Restaurant Group which comprises Evening Star, Vermillion, Tallulah, Rustico and Birch and Barley.  Lee specifically worked on Rustico, Mango Mikes and some other local restaurants that demonstrate his abilities and we felt comfortable with his presentation. 

 Now we are getting close to having a full set of drawings to go to Permit Application with the City of Falls Church and the next  part of the journey begins, dealing with the folks in City Hall (and they have been a great help and pleasure to work with thus far).  But wait!  The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers have thrown a wrench in the gears.  They need information on natural gas flowrates on a direct fire burner on brewing system we have not even put a down payment on.  Crap!  This is where I am happy that we had the foresight to know my limitations and hire a consultant who is a brewery engineer.   Scott Zetterstrom of M.E. Solutions has been working with us from the start of design to be my second set of eyes in the brewery.  The name might be familiar to some folks in the brewery know in Northern Virginia.  Scott was once the Head Brewer in the formerly placed in Virginia brewery of Old Dominion Brewing Company.  Scott will get them the answer since I am not sure what the answer would be that the MEP Engineers need since I am not an Mechanical Engineer by training with just enough knowledge to be dangerous.  I am thankful that we built a good team to get Mad Fox running.

Cheers, more to come, Bill


~ by billmadden on November 17, 2009.

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