New versus Used (Old)

Well got another call the other day from a fella selling a used brewery.  Apparently the folks who offered him a pot of gold for his 20-year-old brewing system backed out of the deal.  No wonder, how a system that has been depreciated  twice already can be bought for 2/3 the price of a new system is absurd.  What are these people thinking?  My lovely wife made the remark that when the system was built she was in Junior High and could not even drink beer then (at least not legally).  Somehow the idea that we are in a bad economy has not gotten out to the folks who are selling these old systems.  By the time you calculate the cost of removal, then transportation, retrofitting and recommissioning the brewery you had better of gotten a used system at a maximum of 1/3 the cost of new.

Now we have to see what the new brewery systems cost.  Got a quote from a European supplier and they are through the roof.  Beautiful equipment and very efficient but all that adds up to too many euros for our budget.  Asked for a quote from a Canadian manufacturer and they never got back to us, oh well.  Now we have a couple of possible American equipment suppliers that are of good reputation.  Gotta get a hold of them and see what new would cost.  It all needs to be within the budget.

More to come…Cheers, Bill




~ by billmadden on November 16, 2009.

One Response to “New versus Used (Old)”

  1. I’m told that, for a while, would-be brewers were competing with Chinese scrap metal agents who were paying top dollar for any scrap stainless steel. Supposedly, stainless panels were even being stolen off the sides of stored railroad passenger cars. I don’t know if that’s a factor in any recent prices, but you may want to call around and find out if the Chinese are still buying……

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