Well, the results are in and Vintage 50 and my 5 entries did not win any awards… next year!!  I am in very good company with many really good brewers who did not get recognized and I cannot complain.  What I look forward to now is getting the judges written notes on how my beers came across and whether or not they made it past the first round.  When a beer makes it past the first round is still a bit of a victory but not one you can promote.  It still means alot to me.  One of the many reasons I decided to start judging  was to better understand the process that goes into the GABF and I can tell you now that there are many variables to winning a medal but it is in no way a crap shoot.  There are many brewers who consistently get awards and they are typically brewers who have been at their craft for a long time and or have been working at the very same brewery for a long time.  One fantastic surprise winner was local brewer Jason Oliver of the brand spanking new brew pub, Devils Backbone.  Now Jason did the all time incredible job of pulling off 4 medals with a brewery that he has been working at for just 10 short months! An incredible feat that I applaud him for pulling off.  Jason has been hard working for many years in this industry and after years of brewing the standard recipes at Gordon Biersch he broke out in a big way, kudos to him.  Another Virginia brewer did very well for himself as well, Nick Funnel, of Sweetwater Tavern fame.  Nick pulled off two medals which is also a great bit of work and for a brewer who has been working the same brewery for a very long time.  There were two other medals for Virginia this year.  One medal for Preacher Mark Thompson of Starr Hill in the Irish Dry Stout category (which he has won for a long as I can remember) and another for Chris Rafferty of Rockbottom in Ballston.  All in all Virginia pulled off 8 medals this year, congratulations to those brewers.  I look forward to having Mad Fox Brewing Company add more awards next year.

More to come.  Cheers,  Bill


~ by madfoxbrewing on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “Post GABF”

  1. Bill,

    I love the blog. It was great seeing you at the NOVA Brewfest this past weekend. The Wee Heavy is incredible, I can’t wait to drink it in Falls Church! Keep up the great work.

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