Day Three, Judging at GABF

I have been up since 6:30 am again and have gone thru my usual routine.  Saw Randy Mosher order a bacon, spinach and mushroom omelet this morning and finished my breakfast and left before he got it, whew…another bad situation averted.

Had a great experience judging yesterday, I judged English-Style Summer Ales.  The way the process works for getting your judging assignments is you fill out a form months before the festival indicating your preferences for categories by ranking them, I believe it is one to twenty five of the seventy eight categories possible.  Some incredibly tedious process somehow gets all the judges assigned and manages to put judges with what they kinda want and NOT a category which they have a pony in the race.  I got one of my top categories which doesn’t always happen.

Our judge table consisted of Fal Allen of Archipelago Brewery in Singapore, Chuck Skypeck of Boscos in Memphis, Jeff Nickel (a classmate of mine from UC Davis) of Oskar Blues in Longmont, and our Table Captain Glenn Payne of Meantime Brewing Co. in the UK.  We were fortunate to have Glenn on the table to guide us in some of the finer nuances of the style.  We are given the descriptions from the GABF but there is alot more to it than the black and white of the sheets.  We were all newbies to the style but there was much interest from the panel to understand it better from someone who has really experienced this beer from the country that developed this newly created style.  Glenn talked about the various hop characteristics that could be found in the style and that the use of American hops, which was not out of the ordinary.  He described the various hues of the this beer that were available in the UK and the balance of the malt to hop that is characteristic of the style.  This was a great learning experience for me since my V-50 days and the coming Mad Fox I have always been very committed to cask ales and English styles of beer being done properly.  I have never brewed this style before but with the experience I have just received and maybe a little research in the country of origin (hint, hint) I look forward to taking a crack at this one in our new brewery.

More to come, judging ESB’s this morning, gotta run, Cheers,  Bill


~ by madfoxbrewing on September 25, 2009.

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