Day Two, Judging GABF

Today started much like yesterday.  I get into my routine and make time for what needs to be done for me, breakfast, shower and the like and then for Mad Fox, e-mails, this blog and other various stuff.  Just as I get into the routine it usually comes to an abrupt halt and then the judging is over and it is festival mode is on, working the booth, working the crowd and making industry connections with old and new friends.  It’s a very friendly business and most folks are open and interested in talking and sharing ideas.  This is much better than my suit days in sales constantly gritting my teeth at night wondering where my next big sale was going to come from.  I did not like dealing with the big egos and the look or answers you got when someone realized you were trying to sell them something, ugh.  I like the biz I am in!

Gotta get ready now, I am judging American-Style Lager/Premium Lager and need to get my tongue ready for the slight nuances of such a really tight flavor profile.  I am looking forward to the challenge.  Then I move on in the morning session to English Style Summer Ales which is an up and coming category that I am very interested to learn more about.  I hope I have a good, knowledgeable Table Captain like yesterday, that really helps.

More to come, Cheers, Bill


~ by madfoxbrewing on September 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Day Two, Judging GABF”

  1. Did you take Randy’s omelet again this morning?

  2. Can you elaborate on “English Style Summer Ales”? Cheers!

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