Brewers Orientation

Well we got our assignments and yep I pissed off the Beer Gods somehow.  If this was Spirit of Free Beer and Tom Cannon were organizing the Judges I would have done something really bad like piss on a Virginia Tech flag or something.  Tomorrows morning session of judging I have pulled Category 4. Fruit Beer or Field Beer  and then Category 78. Barley Wine-Style Ale.  What a way to start the day fruit and B-wine, better eat my Wheaties tomorrow morning.

Went to the Judges Gathering at the Rockbottom in Denver and just got back.  They had a killer selection of food and some really great beers on.  I had to limit myself since I do take the job of judging GABF seriously but the Baltic Porter there was very good.  I shared one with Jason Oliver, brewer at the newly opened Devils Backbone Brewery in Wintergreen, Virginia.  Jason is a brewer who is known for making a really great Baltic Porter at a number of breweries he has worked at in the DC Metro area and he spoke well of this beer.

Must get to bed now, more to come.  Cheers,  Bill


~ by madfoxbrewing on September 23, 2009.

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