Sitting here in Denver

Got up early this morning to catch my flight to Denver, my lovely wife drooped me off at the airport.  Uneventful flight but low and behold we were 36 minutes early!  Kudos to the Frontier Airlines pilot who pulled that one off, I love direct flights (who doesn’t).

We have a Judges Orientation meeting at 5pm and my roomie just arrived (we have to share a room so the GABF will pay for it).  I am sitting here and trying to get in the right mindset for judging.  At the orientation we recieve our category assignments and I pray that I get some good ones.  Nothing worse than starting your morning with a Double IPA bomb that blows out your palate until after lunch.  That happened to me last year but I know I would not be assigned that category since we entered Molotov Hoptail in that very category this year.  Please no barleywines and especially not in the morning!  More to come….Cheers,  Bill


~ by madfoxbrewing on September 22, 2009.

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