Craftbrewers Conference

I just got back last night from Boston attending the Craftbrewers Conference, whoa! what a time.  I went there to do some research for Mad Fox and V-50 and found alot of really neat new ideas for both places.

First, I am looking to purchase a used  brewing system which will comprise the brewhouse, fermenters, serving tanks and keg cleaner.  I was looking to connect with the used equipment purveyors and manage to meet up with one who located the system for Devils Backbone,  good guy to know.  I managed to network and meet various brewers who have various parts for sale.  One fella had a beautiful brewhouse at a great price but it was only a ten barrel.  I want at least a 15 barrel for the amount of beer we anticipate selling at Mad Fox.  Another brewer has 15 barrel serving vessels so thats part of it maybe.

I also looked at new equipment that looked fantastic and given that the price of stainless steel has come down significantly these systems are looking more like a possibility.  Maybe Mad Fox looks to find as much used equipment as possible and then fill in the gaps.  Not sure what will be the possibilities when we are able to purchase this equipment.

I also looked at plastic kegs and one way disposable containers, I was reminded by my lovely wife that those sound good but lets consider what would be best for the environment.  She is right and I lose sight of the fact that these items answer the question of the need for off site sales that folks want and the desire to reduce losses to the company of valuable material (Kegs!) but at what price.  I better think about this some more.

Gotta get back to brewing, more to come…


~ by billmadden on April 26, 2009.

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