Molotov Hoptail!!!!!!!

Just put on tap Molotov Hoptail which has not hit the taps at V-50 in over two years. I just could not afford to brew an Imperial IPA last year due to the fact that I had so little hops contracted last year and the hop crisis forced me to change my ways. This brew is the hoppiest ever utilizing the hop varietal Liberty in the mash then more in kettle additions along with Centennial then dry hopped with more Liberty plus Simcoe and Chinook. Again, this beer is not advertised in the restaurant nor is there an identifying tap marker. This is my Stealth beer and is only for those in the know. Come on by and enjoy. Cheers!


~ by billmadden on April 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Molotov Hoptail!!!!!!!”

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  2. Just had a Molotov Hoptail at V-50…needless to say it is amazing. The hop level is ideal and the taste is outstanding. Keep up the good brewing!

  3. Unfortunately down to the last few kegs, its amazing since it is my stealth beer and you have to know its on tap to get it. No advertising or putting this beer in the menu is done so to go through a whole batch in just a month is unbelievable.

  4. Bill, Went to V-50 with a friend, was hoping to have him try the hoptail, but unfortunately we were a day late as the taps ran dry last night. Both my friend and I are becoming beer advocates (yes we frequent that website). I was wondering what you have planned for the summer and which beers we should be on the look out for at V-50 or even V-51! All in all I am glad to see the excitement people have over this IPA. Would love to get your response.

  5. Unfortunate for us! Went with Jeff last week (Friday) to sample this, but the last drop was served the night before. Any chances for a second batch of this beast of a brew?

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