Brewing just to Freakin keep up!

I emptied a fermentation vessel today, moved the Dark Star ( a Belgian style dark ale spiced with star anise) which means tomorrow I must brew.  I wait for fermenters and their precious beer to be ready to move over to serving tanks and then must brew immediately.  The problem is we are busy at Vintage 50, sales are up by almost 14% on average for beer sales and the bar is selling alot of the lower priced food items on the Lounge menu.  Recession you ask?  Not in the bar.  Granted our dining room is not as busy on the slower days since most people are cutting back on some extravagances but they are drinking away and I am working hard to keep up with demand.  I am happy about this problem with all that is going on in the economic world and how some folks are really hurting but there are some industries like mine that do very well in times like these.

Tomorrow 50 Cat IPA gets brewed cause Point of Rocks APA is almost drained, I need to have more hoppy beers on tap.  Oh yeah…I brewed Molotov Hoptail, a Double IPA as a Stealth Beer for all the hopheads and my hop bitter challenger good friend Woody Lee.  Woodman will get his hops on now.  Expect this Stealthy brew to be on tap in a few weeks, there will not be a tap marker or mention of it on the menu, you have to be in the know to get it.  Cheers.


~ by billmadden on March 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Brewing just to Freakin keep up!”

  1. Good to hear Bill. Molotov Hoptail the same recipe pretty much as your old Cap City DIPA?


  2. […] Link: […]

  3. Similar to the CCBC DIPA in the malt grist but different in the hopping. I cannot get some of the hops I used back then and I was always evolving that recipe anyhow with the hop schedule. For example, I now add hops to the mash and have taken to adding some hop oil to the finished product to get that extra boost. I used Liberty in the mash and kettle addition, Centennial in the kettle then Liberty, Simcoe and Chinook for dry hop.

    Lots of hops goes into this one, Cheers! Bill

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