Brewing Kolsch

I brewed a batch of Kolsch today –  Usual recipe, pils malt, 11% wheat malt, all of it Weyermann imported German malts, very good quality.  I am hopping with German imported Hallertauer Spalt hops at the moment, but in previous years used to use imported German Hesbrucker or Tettnang – have not been able to acquire much of those in the last year of hop shortages.  My yeast strain is the same I used to use in my Capitol City days – Weihenstephan Stamm Number 177, from Hefebank Weihenstephan.  It’s got a great flavor profile, but it is so dusty that I loathe filtering it – 10.2 barrel batch with 2 to 3 or more back flushes and an 8 barrel yield on the batch.   My version tends toward the drier version of Kolsch with a light hop character that is more pronounced due to the low final gravity that this particular yeast strain is able to work towards.  The batch of Kolsch brewed today managed to have an incredible yield  which, for a 10.2 barrel batch, came out at 12.3 degrees Plato. My target is 11.5 degrees Plato, how did that happen! Seems like folks will be getting more bang for their buck again.


~ by billmadden on February 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Brewing Kolsch”

  1. […] Brewing Kolsch is hard work, and Bill’s been trying to brew enough to keep up with demand. Ask Bill why it’s so hard to make such a delicate beer. […]

  2. You should start a twitter account (if you don’t already have one) so you can drop notes about what’s on cask, when things run out, what’s up next, etc. Would be very nifty – probably draw me in for a growler a bit more frequently.

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