Crazy Ivan

We brewed a batch of Crazy Ivan last month at V-50; this is a Russian Imperial Stout recipe that I last brewed at Capitol City Brewing Company in 2004.  The recipe was originally designed with Mike McGuire, a local homebrewer and member of both the BURP and Worthogs local homebrewing clubs, when the original recipe took Best of  Show at the homebrew competition Spirit of  Free Beer put on by BURP in 2004.  The brew is comprised of imported English pale, crystal, brown, and black malts and a good amount of roasted barley and flaked oats.  The hops used were the English First Gold varietal and it was fermented with our house strain of NCYC 1187.  The beer came in just over 20 degrees Plato and weighs in a whopping 8.5 % alcohol by volume.  We have this beer on cask dispense now and plan on having it on regular CO2 dispense next week.  So far, it has sold almost three firkens (casks) since going on tap last week and there is one cask left so get out there soon to enjoy the freshest casks to be found in the area.   The name at CCBC was Mad Russian Imperial Stout back then and we came up with the new name from the movie “Hunt for Red October”.   Can anyone recall what Crazy Ivan refers to?  Naming beers can be a challenge.  I thought we would have some fun with this one…….Vashe Zdorovie!


~ by billmadden on February 10, 2009.

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