50 Cat IPA On Tap at V-50

I put the 50 Cat IPA on tap at V-50. It is drinking very nicely.

Tasting note: Citrusy with a big hop aroma, touch of malt backbone, dry with an assertively bitter palate-cleansing finish – very crisp and clean. The hops are idiosyncratically American with citrus predominating and a light wintergreen character from the Chinook dry-hopping. One sip demands another, and one pint begs for a refill. I had one of these last night after working late bottling GABF beers and somehow my glass filled itself again.

This hoppy light colored beer was born of necessity. I had planned on brewing Point of Rocks Pale Ale, but due to some excitement (ask me or Beth the story), I ended up changing the recipe to produce 50 Cat IPA. This 5.2% ABV Golden Ale is somewhat like Summer Lightning from the Hop Back Brewery in Salisbury, Wiltshire England – straw-colored, sharply bitter with a big hop flavor and a huge citrusy hop aroma. The hop aroma was achieved by dry hopping in the fermenter.

The hopping is 45 bittering units total with Millenium in the beginning, Amarillo in the middle, finished with Chinook and dry-hopped with Chinook. In order to dry-hop I chill the fermented beer to 54 Fahrenheit in the fermenter to drop some yeast. Then, after removing the CIP arm from the top of the fermenter, I jam 11 pounds of fresh Chinook hops down a funnel into the fermenter. CIP arm reattached, I allow the beer to sit on the hops for 10 days and then chill the 310 gallons of beer down to 32 Fahrenheit for another week to encourage all of the yeast and hops to settle out. This allows me to serve this beer unfiltered which preserves the maximum amount of hop flavor and aroma.

I like to refer to some standard guidelines and information on a beer, but there is really very little written in the US on beers like this – BJCP is too general and the GABF English-Style Summer Ale definition does not pass the Summer Lightning test. The best definition I could find is over on the BURP Real Ale Page – http://burp.burp.org/Default.aspx?tabid=390#35.

Cheers, Bill


~ by billmadden on September 18, 2008.

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